Friday, October 1, 2010

Lab 2 @ St. Mary's - Walking the Plank...

Lab 2 was awesome and I really enjoyed the Pirate theme and watching my classmates teach their games as well as when I got to teach my own game.  It was also really interesting to assess the kids and to look for certain movements and motor skills. It is interesting to assess the kids that way becasue you begin to notice differences that you may have overlooked otherwise.  I thought that everyone had some really good ideas for their games and for the most part everything went fairly smooth.  My group was one of the last groups to have a chance to actually teach their game however, and by that time a lot of the kids were tired of playing games and just wanted to do their own thing.  Due to that, the numbers were down, but once we all started playing the game and were having fun, the numbers would increase, as the kids who originally did not want in changed their mind.  I was having a great time playing all the games and it was pretty obvious because by the end of lab I was sweating profusely haha! I am looking foward to the Super Hero lab!

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