Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fundamental Movement Skills

The three different categories of fundamental movement skills listed were 1) locomotion, 2) Manipulation, and 3) Stability.  Each one of these categories plays a significant role in people developing into good movers.  They all tie together in different ways too, one can not run before walking in the locomotion section.  In the Manipulation section, it is harder for one to catch or trap something than it is to pick something up and throw it or kick it.  Same thing goes for the stability end of it, one can not successfully dodge something before learning how to properly bend, stretch, and twist.  All of these skills are the "building blocks" for people to develop into successful movers, physically active people, athletes, etc. Kids who cannot properly perform the fundamental movement skills will often times fall behind, or feel left out of activities if they notice other kids performing them will relative ease.  It is crucial that these skills be taught properly and they become second nature to young children as the grow and progress into more mature movers.  If we can develop good movers at a young age, it is more likely that they will want to continue a life of being physically active which is ultimately the goal for P.E.

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